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If we talk about health is really easy to say that is one of the most important issues that the human would pay attention; but it is difficult when we see cases where the health is in precarious state. We are fortunate that in our country the system of health is very acceptable and it is unlikely that people die for simple illnesses. In Africa the situation is really complicated because the economy can't controlled the hundred of diseases that the countries have in this continent. Alimentation along with the sport can be the perfect combination to have an excellent quality of health. It depends if you take health food or junk food the health state of each body, in occasions we see in the news cases of people that have obesity problems, and in many times this diseases are evitables.

In our country the issue of health has always been important, our health system is recognized in all the world, because a little country without army invests his money in education and health. This model is an example that USA want to implement in his country. They came a few years ago to learn about the structure of the CCSS. In the constitution of 1948 of CR we can found rights and obligations that the employers have to their employees. Calderón Guardia was the president that gave an initiative in that moment, but the party that offered the idea was Vanguardia Popular, a communist party, they proposed this project that they called social guarantees.

Do sports is really important in our life, because in many occasions, people work or study all day in a office or in a classroom, and this could cause health problems. Walk around the building or take a recess with a delicious and healthy food can change your life in the future. But we not just need do sports to have healthy life, but rather to have an healthy mind, do regularly mind exercise like learn a new language, reads interesting books and does crosswords and others, it gives an beautiful time to relax and fun. I have heard in many occasions that the yoga is one of the most incredible experiences because each one who do practice this activity, learn about himself.

sábado, 9 de agosto de 2014

General culture

All days are an opportunity to learn something new, when we born we need to learn a language, and this is learned when the child listen the people around. In school all kind of issues are treated like social studies, maths, science, spanish, english and others. In this process all the subjects are treated in the most basic form because in the college we will see those subjects more in detail. If someone want to progress more in a specific issue he or she can go to the university to complement and specialize in a branch. The most basic issues,for me, that we can found are Art, History, Science, Sport, and Politics. In those issues is important have international and national information because in this times, with the develop of technology of information is easy to obtain knowledge of different contents. Times change... a few years ago all the information was in libraries but today if you want to know something or investigate about some issue, you only have to search on Internet and what you want.

The arts are the form of expression in differents ways like sounds, moves, lyrics and others, in each art is really necessary the previous preparation. In literature the orthography is required, and the constructions of ideas is difficult to organize, why is obligatory have many years in learning this art. Poetry is the most romantic kind of literature but we can find others like novels, stories, academic articles, journals. Carmen Lyra has been one of the most important writers of Costa Rica, and Isabel Allende has been recognized in all the world by her books. In music the figure of Beethoven is almost the most important, his contribution was shocking and today he is yet a influence of many musicians. The last art that appearing is certainly the cinema, Star Wars change the way of created cinema because they revolutionized the visualization of the movies. There also other kinds of arts exist like dance, sculpture, architecture and painting and each of them need too much capacitation to show in public.

The history can be the most extensive and complex of all the sciences, in many occasions is just a theory without verification. History is the field that tell what has happened in the past and tries to erase and correct the mistakes in the differents science. One of the most difficult questions that have the history is the creation of the Earth and the evolution of the human. This has been the most controversial issue because the catholic church always tries to evade the possibility of that evolution is a reality in the human history. War always was the favorite issue in the history because was action and blood, maybe is tragic but is interesting to see how the wars began with little conflicts. The most tragic war history is certainly the II World War with Hitler like the principal actor, he killed million of jews. In Costa Rica we have beautiful histories as those that Costa Rica will have won with the war William Walker in the 19th century. Also the history of Pacífica Fernández, she designed our flag and she was the First Lady of our country; all these details of the history are important in the creation of identity of each country.

The sport is a quality of the human that use physical abilities for compete and demonstrate who is the best in each sport. The most popular sport can be the soccer because it move million of people in this sport, the commercialization of this has been happening in last years. But tennis, basketball and baseball have been gaining ground and these sport have today big events that move million of dollars. One of the most biggest events of sport are the Olympic Games, in these games we find all kind of sports since swimming until chess. The principal objective is win the gold medal, and many countries participate in this event. The biggest participation of our country in international competitions was Claudia Poll with the first gold medal of out country and the national team in the world cup in Italy in 1990.

Science is the most dangerous field, but is the field that use the ingenuity to create and improve the quality of life. The greeks built the base of this field because they wrote many books with mathematical principles and gave ideas about how the innovation is necessary in engineering. Science and engineering exist since many centuries ago for example the creation of the Pyramids of Egypt, nobody knows how the egyptians created those big pyramids because they moved water from the floor to the top, and it was almost impossible for the low technology that they had in those centuries.

Make up class

 Today I has been trying something difficult in my faculty, open a course in my career. I have been worried about this problem because this fact can set back my graduation day. I'm really disgusted with the administration of the university because they lied me at the time to sign in the university. But now I am really inspired because this quarter that will begin the next month, I will register in a institute to begin a technician course of CISCO, this can be really important to add at my resume. I has learned to much in the university but now I want to complement my knowledge with other kind of fields. When I saw the large number of jobs they had in this technician I was petrified and the knowledge of english is completely necessary.

  This week has been difficult to me because I have been daunted, because I have to do a project of calculus and I haven't many ideas, but the tuesday our group had an excellent idea and the week finished very helpful. The project was so challenging because we have been investigating about the issue, and is really difficult found this facts in internet. I have read emails of the members of my group because we need to put all kind of knowledge in the written work. Geometry is the principal issue of our project but has been entertained, we had to measure dimensions of my apartment to search total area. We ate 'chicharrones' after the work and there were delicious.

domingo, 22 de junio de 2014

School days

  I began my school days in Paraiso de Cartago, the place that I was born, in a small school called Fray Jose Antonio de Liendo y Goicoechea, the same institution where my brother graduated. I took in all his tips because him had known all the teachers; we were used to call them "niña", because the majority of them was women. I was in this school by five and a half years; when I was in sixth grade my family received a bad notice and we had to move at Perez Zeledon. I finished my sixth grade in a big school called 12 de Marzo de 1948 in the middle of the city. I took on that the move wouldn't affect me because I was a sociable person always. 

In the high school, the new classrooms and the new courses didn't scared me, rather this facts prepared me to take off all my fears. The teachers in all occasion gave me a good instructions to understand all that could be difficult for me in those years. I knew all kind of people in Liceo UNESCO, in the institution that I studied, people with a good economical situation, and others were not this luck. But the most important value that I learned in the high school was don't guide me by the appearances, because I met all my friends in eighth grade and today they are my confidences guys. They maybe weren't the most popular boys and maybe they weren't rich, but always they were in the right time.

All these experiences taught me to take out the good things of lived events, and learn what were the mistakes in the bad things. All of this made me a strong person and I know that I can choice a good option in an important decision.

sábado, 21 de junio de 2014

Advantages of technology

Antony Calderón

Technological advances


“Any thing, action, process, method, and system can be slapped with the word “technology.”” (Kline, 2009). This words describes a reality of our days because it’s happening today in our daily life. Technology has improved quickly due the process and necessities of the population. Theories of experts about first human say that they had to use your own imagination to create new form of killing animals for your alimentation; this is a principle of technology and one of the most necessary characteristics in tech. The use of imagination can be something really expensive because first you need to create a prototype of device and this, if it’s really useful, it can be too expensive. The most important field in the develop of technology is, principally the engineering, but is necessary include the maths and the philosophy, strangely enough.

In the the origins of technology, the wit of the primitive people used to survive the cold and then they discovered the fire for their necessities. Tools are really important in this process, the fed of animals meat and in many times was really big animals and they created forms of kill these animals without many efforts. “Some of the philosophical problems the nowadays technique and technology are confronted with are related to the definition of concepts, the cultural value contained in them, and place they have in the European culture” (Pop, 1993), she help us to describe the role of the philosophy in the technology, she said that the scientifics nowadays are separate of their field and the philosophy always had been systematize the terms of technology but scientifics always change this and create confusion in many people. Unfortunately, the develop of the technology has been linked with the wars in the history; for example the technology of the espionaje increased in the second world war if we compare to the first world war.

One of the most important fact in the technology in the history is the industrial revolution, because this mark a change in the economical and social structure. In 19 century it started to create railways with combustible and electric power. In our times when we talk about technology, in our mind arrive an electronic components like computers and cellphones, and maybe and this is an important part of the technology. Science and technology have been inseparables since ever because they try to improve the forms of using the technology and one of it’s the medicine. It is really altered from the principle, because in the birth of the medicine the techniques were so rustics and now many machines are useful and save many lives. One of the fields more improved by the technology is the communication, first with the big cell phones, and now with all kind of smartphones.

Education in our times has changed in many ways, because now if you want to know something you just have to search in an explorer in Internet. Many students have forgotten that they have to take information with sense because not all information, on the web, is true. So, what's the problem with the technology?. is something that Einstein knew many years ago when he said: "I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots." He said that because the people don’t know how to use the technology and they were trapped in the technological world. Many people are controlled by the internet, and internet is, in many situations, a fake life; and when the people have to face to the real life, is really difficult that this people can solve problems easily in their lives.

In technology we just have one option, we need to take the mistakes of the our antecessors and try to learn of them because we don't know what would happen in the future. Contamination is the principal problem, our water has been affected by this and the future of the next generations is in danger. We need to try to spend less objects in technology and reuse all the material that isn’t useful. The education have an important part on this, because the new generation can learn about reuse and forms to use the materials that aren’t dangerous for the health. We can’t be selfish, let’s start change of our mentality and focus on the best way: be responsible with the waste of each one and try to recycle them.


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John's dreams

Most of the students have dreams that they would like to achieve after the university, some students are part of different activities since the High School. This opportunity will help them to develop their abilities. The ULACIT offer this opportunities for the students like: clubs, Student Government, plans of GEO, AISEC, and many others. Also the student will be able to think in making his/her own business as an entrepreneur. Previously, the student could continue develop their abilities in the university. We are going to talk about a student named John who lived this experience and all the opportunities that he had after university. He was able to realize their dreams.
After John finished his university, he has many dreams; from that point on he realized that his dreams weren’t too common. He will like to help starving people in Africa, because he thinks previously he achieves his most important goals it is better to have experiences in social work. After that experience he will have to get used to working with other ways of thinking and he will live other realities. At that time John had set as his big goal to work at the United Nations. He will also like some stability as having a family with many sons and also have many friends. 

When John finished his career, he had to do a cover letter and a resume. This could be the most important part in his possibilities to go to a volunteer in Africa. The volunteer job could be an opportunity to work in United Nations. Previously, he have received good news in that week, he may go to Africa the following week. When he completed the volunteer in Africa he will travel to the principal office of United Nations in USA to do a professional practice. At that time, John was prepared for that many months ago, because during his time in the university he had to do a volunteer work in a hospital at the central city of his country. John wanted to do all those things just for the future of his family.

For the most of the people during the university feels is a difficult and expensive process. Some of us got to move from your originality cities, leaving our family, friends everything. After that, John needs to start a totality new life. It is really hard and John knows that, but he doesn’t care how difficult it was, he always has a smile in his face because he know it is the best to him. In 2014, John will finish the university and he will be a professional good pay worker. John is an example to us.

miércoles, 11 de junio de 2014

Cover letter

Now I want to show you what is my cover letter. This is a fiction letter that we created in class, but is an approximation of my personal letter. The cover letter is a presentation of each person, this letter must be before of the resume because in the letter the person have to talk of their characteristic and why is the best option in that job.

Jenny Keaton

PepeNet Cafe

21 University St. Chicago

Dear Ms. Keaton

I am interested in an internet and computer expert job that you posted in Facebook.

In my resume I include all my main experience and academic grades, that I obtained in High School. My principal characteristic is team-work, I always have tried to find a fast solution on the problems. When I was a child I learned to fix my old computer; I know a lot of programs that are necessary in modern computer that we have today. I have valuable experience with Microsoft Office and I can created a program to administrate the Internet Cafe.

All the characteristics you are looking for you will find in me. My life is completely bound to technology and is time to apply my knowledge to this field.

I can be contacted at (+506) 84845916, I look forward to hearing for you.



Anthony Calderón Vega.

jueves, 5 de junio de 2014

Group of music that I admire

How many types of music can be found in the world? Which are the best? These questions can be really difficult to answer because we live in an extended world with variety of music and all of us have different ways of thinking, and this is how music was born. We all have different tastes when it comes to music; music describes our personality. For example, in many occasions, reggae music can change a person’s way of dressing, and at the beginning, this was one of the reasons why I did not like that music. It was kind of repetitive for me, but last month, when I participated in the International Festival of Arts, I found a different style of reggae and this band changed my way of thinking about this music. The band name is Sig Ragga.

This group is born in Argentina, Santa Fe in 1997. They has been fusing reggae music with other kind of rythms like rock and jazz. They have, today 2 CD in their discography; they have a lot of time searching a style that identifies themselves. A particularity fact in this group that caught my attention is that they created your own language in various tracks of the group, it is really difficult create something that don't exist, and more if is a language; and they put this in their songs and these have sense in the musical structure, is too much incredible. They use a differents kind of instruments: The principal is the piano, this is played by the same principal voice, and I think is the brain of the group; his brother is the drummer, they wrote many lyrics together; the electric bass is fundamental in this band because it join with the drums; two kinds of guitar the first one is the electric guitar and the other one is the acustic guitar; and the secundary percussion gives an special datails in the style of the group.

I just wanna talk in general aspects about my favorite band music, if somebody want to understand my feelings, need to listen their discography, the lyrics are incredibles because have a critical content, and it give us a different perspective of what happen in the world.

miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014

First English III class

On Thursday I had the first English lll class at ULACIT, with classmates that I already knew before. When I saw the teacher she scared me but in the moment that she began to talk, all changed. My classmates were quiet and the teacher wanted to know almost all about us and she made us talk about our life. I want to learn and practice many structures in this course because I don’t want to learn just one language besides Spanish, and the English can be an opportunity to understand other type of languages. Well, my career is Circuits Engineering and is really important if I want to go at the other country with more opportunities in my speciality. The books that we use in this course are really complete for me, and the information and issues have the context of our life because we can see issues like Facebook and TV shows like Friends. All of these factors are important in learning a language and if I want to have a good quarter, I need to coexist with my classmates.

The English classes, if we compare with others quarters, have many changes in the methodology and the form of evaluation. We have, again, the final test. Maybe it can be a good way to see how many things have the student learned in the quarter. Also in this course, our group have to do an online magazine, which is important that all the student participate. The best publication will represent the entire group. For me is really difficult to find mistakes in exercises and now, in this methodology, we have to correct all wrong structures that the partner have. I need read the syllabus of the course because it has many important steps that can be useful at the end of the quarter. Well, I am confident about this teacher and I feel I can learn a lot. I hope I can do all the homeworks and also participate in the class, I would like to practice the language.