domingo, 22 de junio de 2014

School days

  I began my school days in Paraiso de Cartago, the place that I was born, in a small school called Fray Jose Antonio de Liendo y Goicoechea, the same institution where my brother graduated. I took in all his tips because him had known all the teachers; we were used to call them "niña", because the majority of them was women. I was in this school by five and a half years; when I was in sixth grade my family received a bad notice and we had to move at Perez Zeledon. I finished my sixth grade in a big school called 12 de Marzo de 1948 in the middle of the city. I took on that the move wouldn't affect me because I was a sociable person always. 

In the high school, the new classrooms and the new courses didn't scared me, rather this facts prepared me to take off all my fears. The teachers in all occasion gave me a good instructions to understand all that could be difficult for me in those years. I knew all kind of people in Liceo UNESCO, in the institution that I studied, people with a good economical situation, and others were not this luck. But the most important value that I learned in the high school was don't guide me by the appearances, because I met all my friends in eighth grade and today they are my confidences guys. They maybe weren't the most popular boys and maybe they weren't rich, but always they were in the right time.

All these experiences taught me to take out the good things of lived events, and learn what were the mistakes in the bad things. All of this made me a strong person and I know that I can choice a good option in an important decision.

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