sábado, 9 de agosto de 2014

Make up class

 Today I has been trying something difficult in my faculty, open a course in my career. I have been worried about this problem because this fact can set back my graduation day. I'm really disgusted with the administration of the university because they lied me at the time to sign in the university. But now I am really inspired because this quarter that will begin the next month, I will register in a institute to begin a technician course of CISCO, this can be really important to add at my resume. I has learned to much in the university but now I want to complement my knowledge with other kind of fields. When I saw the large number of jobs they had in this technician I was petrified and the knowledge of english is completely necessary.

  This week has been difficult to me because I have been daunted, because I have to do a project of calculus and I haven't many ideas, but the tuesday our group had an excellent idea and the week finished very helpful. The project was so challenging because we have been investigating about the issue, and is really difficult found this facts in internet. I have read emails of the members of my group because we need to put all kind of knowledge in the written work. Geometry is the principal issue of our project but has been entertained, we had to measure dimensions of my apartment to search total area. We ate 'chicharrones' after the work and there were delicious.

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