miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2014


If we talk about health is really easy to say that is one of the most important issues that the human would pay attention; but it is difficult when we see cases where the health is in precarious state. We are fortunate that in our country the system of health is very acceptable and it is unlikely that people die for simple illnesses. In Africa the situation is really complicated because the economy can't controlled the hundred of diseases that the countries have in this continent. Alimentation along with the sport can be the perfect combination to have an excellent quality of health. It depends if you take health food or junk food the health state of each body, in occasions we see in the news cases of people that have obesity problems, and in many times this diseases are evitables.

In our country the issue of health has always been important, our health system is recognized in all the world, because a little country without army invests his money in education and health. This model is an example that USA want to implement in his country. They came a few years ago to learn about the structure of the CCSS. In the constitution of 1948 of CR we can found rights and obligations that the employers have to their employees. Calderón Guardia was the president that gave an initiative in that moment, but the party that offered the idea was Vanguardia Popular, a communist party, they proposed this project that they called social guarantees.

Do sports is really important in our life, because in many occasions, people work or study all day in a office or in a classroom, and this could cause health problems. Walk around the building or take a recess with a delicious and healthy food can change your life in the future. But we not just need do sports to have healthy life, but rather to have an healthy mind, do regularly mind exercise like learn a new language, reads interesting books and does crosswords and others, it gives an beautiful time to relax and fun. I have heard in many occasions that the yoga is one of the most incredible experiences because each one who do practice this activity, learn about himself.

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