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General culture

All days are an opportunity to learn something new, when we born we need to learn a language, and this is learned when the child listen the people around. In school all kind of issues are treated like social studies, maths, science, spanish, english and others. In this process all the subjects are treated in the most basic form because in the college we will see those subjects more in detail. If someone want to progress more in a specific issue he or she can go to the university to complement and specialize in a branch. The most basic issues,for me, that we can found are Art, History, Science, Sport, and Politics. In those issues is important have international and national information because in this times, with the develop of technology of information is easy to obtain knowledge of different contents. Times change... a few years ago all the information was in libraries but today if you want to know something or investigate about some issue, you only have to search on Internet and what you want.

The arts are the form of expression in differents ways like sounds, moves, lyrics and others, in each art is really necessary the previous preparation. In literature the orthography is required, and the constructions of ideas is difficult to organize, why is obligatory have many years in learning this art. Poetry is the most romantic kind of literature but we can find others like novels, stories, academic articles, journals. Carmen Lyra has been one of the most important writers of Costa Rica, and Isabel Allende has been recognized in all the world by her books. In music the figure of Beethoven is almost the most important, his contribution was shocking and today he is yet a influence of many musicians. The last art that appearing is certainly the cinema, Star Wars change the way of created cinema because they revolutionized the visualization of the movies. There also other kinds of arts exist like dance, sculpture, architecture and painting and each of them need too much capacitation to show in public.

The history can be the most extensive and complex of all the sciences, in many occasions is just a theory without verification. History is the field that tell what has happened in the past and tries to erase and correct the mistakes in the differents science. One of the most difficult questions that have the history is the creation of the Earth and the evolution of the human. This has been the most controversial issue because the catholic church always tries to evade the possibility of that evolution is a reality in the human history. War always was the favorite issue in the history because was action and blood, maybe is tragic but is interesting to see how the wars began with little conflicts. The most tragic war history is certainly the II World War with Hitler like the principal actor, he killed million of jews. In Costa Rica we have beautiful histories as those that Costa Rica will have won with the war William Walker in the 19th century. Also the history of Pacífica Fernández, she designed our flag and she was the First Lady of our country; all these details of the history are important in the creation of identity of each country.

The sport is a quality of the human that use physical abilities for compete and demonstrate who is the best in each sport. The most popular sport can be the soccer because it move million of people in this sport, the commercialization of this has been happening in last years. But tennis, basketball and baseball have been gaining ground and these sport have today big events that move million of dollars. One of the most biggest events of sport are the Olympic Games, in these games we find all kind of sports since swimming until chess. The principal objective is win the gold medal, and many countries participate in this event. The biggest participation of our country in international competitions was Claudia Poll with the first gold medal of out country and the national team in the world cup in Italy in 1990.

Science is the most dangerous field, but is the field that use the ingenuity to create and improve the quality of life. The greeks built the base of this field because they wrote many books with mathematical principles and gave ideas about how the innovation is necessary in engineering. Science and engineering exist since many centuries ago for example the creation of the Pyramids of Egypt, nobody knows how the egyptians created those big pyramids because they moved water from the floor to the top, and it was almost impossible for the low technology that they had in those centuries.

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