jueves, 5 de junio de 2014

Group of music that I admire

How many types of music can be found in the world? Which are the best? These questions can be really difficult to answer because we live in an extended world with variety of music and all of us have different ways of thinking, and this is how music was born. We all have different tastes when it comes to music; music describes our personality. For example, in many occasions, reggae music can change a person’s way of dressing, and at the beginning, this was one of the reasons why I did not like that music. It was kind of repetitive for me, but last month, when I participated in the International Festival of Arts, I found a different style of reggae and this band changed my way of thinking about this music. The band name is Sig Ragga.

This group is born in Argentina, Santa Fe in 1997. They has been fusing reggae music with other kind of rythms like rock and jazz. They have, today 2 CD in their discography; they have a lot of time searching a style that identifies themselves. A particularity fact in this group that caught my attention is that they created your own language in various tracks of the group, it is really difficult create something that don't exist, and more if is a language; and they put this in their songs and these have sense in the musical structure, is too much incredible. They use a differents kind of instruments: The principal is the piano, this is played by the same principal voice, and I think is the brain of the group; his brother is the drummer, they wrote many lyrics together; the electric bass is fundamental in this band because it join with the drums; two kinds of guitar the first one is the electric guitar and the other one is the acustic guitar; and the secundary percussion gives an special datails in the style of the group.

I just wanna talk in general aspects about my favorite band music, if somebody want to understand my feelings, need to listen their discography, the lyrics are incredibles because have a critical content, and it give us a different perspective of what happen in the world.

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