miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014

First English III class

On Thursday I had the first English lll class at ULACIT, with classmates that I already knew before. When I saw the teacher she scared me but in the moment that she began to talk, all changed. My classmates were quiet and the teacher wanted to know almost all about us and she made us talk about our life. I want to learn and practice many structures in this course because I don’t want to learn just one language besides Spanish, and the English can be an opportunity to understand other type of languages. Well, my career is Circuits Engineering and is really important if I want to go at the other country with more opportunities in my speciality. The books that we use in this course are really complete for me, and the information and issues have the context of our life because we can see issues like Facebook and TV shows like Friends. All of these factors are important in learning a language and if I want to have a good quarter, I need to coexist with my classmates.

The English classes, if we compare with others quarters, have many changes in the methodology and the form of evaluation. We have, again, the final test. Maybe it can be a good way to see how many things have the student learned in the quarter. Also in this course, our group have to do an online magazine, which is important that all the student participate. The best publication will represent the entire group. For me is really difficult to find mistakes in exercises and now, in this methodology, we have to correct all wrong structures that the partner have. I need read the syllabus of the course because it has many important steps that can be useful at the end of the quarter. Well, I am confident about this teacher and I feel I can learn a lot. I hope I can do all the homeworks and also participate in the class, I would like to practice the language.

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