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Advantages of technology

Antony Calderón

Technological advances


“Any thing, action, process, method, and system can be slapped with the word “technology.”” (Kline, 2009). This words describes a reality of our days because it’s happening today in our daily life. Technology has improved quickly due the process and necessities of the population. Theories of experts about first human say that they had to use your own imagination to create new form of killing animals for your alimentation; this is a principle of technology and one of the most necessary characteristics in tech. The use of imagination can be something really expensive because first you need to create a prototype of device and this, if it’s really useful, it can be too expensive. The most important field in the develop of technology is, principally the engineering, but is necessary include the maths and the philosophy, strangely enough.

In the the origins of technology, the wit of the primitive people used to survive the cold and then they discovered the fire for their necessities. Tools are really important in this process, the fed of animals meat and in many times was really big animals and they created forms of kill these animals without many efforts. “Some of the philosophical problems the nowadays technique and technology are confronted with are related to the definition of concepts, the cultural value contained in them, and place they have in the European culture” (Pop, 1993), she help us to describe the role of the philosophy in the technology, she said that the scientifics nowadays are separate of their field and the philosophy always had been systematize the terms of technology but scientifics always change this and create confusion in many people. Unfortunately, the develop of the technology has been linked with the wars in the history; for example the technology of the espionaje increased in the second world war if we compare to the first world war.

One of the most important fact in the technology in the history is the industrial revolution, because this mark a change in the economical and social structure. In 19 century it started to create railways with combustible and electric power. In our times when we talk about technology, in our mind arrive an electronic components like computers and cellphones, and maybe and this is an important part of the technology. Science and technology have been inseparables since ever because they try to improve the forms of using the technology and one of it’s the medicine. It is really altered from the principle, because in the birth of the medicine the techniques were so rustics and now many machines are useful and save many lives. One of the fields more improved by the technology is the communication, first with the big cell phones, and now with all kind of smartphones.

Education in our times has changed in many ways, because now if you want to know something you just have to search in an explorer in Internet. Many students have forgotten that they have to take information with sense because not all information, on the web, is true. So, what's the problem with the technology?. is something that Einstein knew many years ago when he said: "I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots." He said that because the people don’t know how to use the technology and they were trapped in the technological world. Many people are controlled by the internet, and internet is, in many situations, a fake life; and when the people have to face to the real life, is really difficult that this people can solve problems easily in their lives.

In technology we just have one option, we need to take the mistakes of the our antecessors and try to learn of them because we don't know what would happen in the future. Contamination is the principal problem, our water has been affected by this and the future of the next generations is in danger. We need to try to spend less objects in technology and reuse all the material that isn’t useful. The education have an important part on this, because the new generation can learn about reuse and forms to use the materials that aren’t dangerous for the health. We can’t be selfish, let’s start change of our mentality and focus on the best way: be responsible with the waste of each one and try to recycle them.


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