miércoles, 11 de junio de 2014

Cover letter

Now I want to show you what is my cover letter. This is a fiction letter that we created in class, but is an approximation of my personal letter. The cover letter is a presentation of each person, this letter must be before of the resume because in the letter the person have to talk of their characteristic and why is the best option in that job.

Jenny Keaton

PepeNet Cafe

21 University St. Chicago

Dear Ms. Keaton

I am interested in an internet and computer expert job that you posted in Facebook.

In my resume I include all my main experience and academic grades, that I obtained in High School. My principal characteristic is team-work, I always have tried to find a fast solution on the problems. When I was a child I learned to fix my old computer; I know a lot of programs that are necessary in modern computer that we have today. I have valuable experience with Microsoft Office and I can created a program to administrate the Internet Cafe.

All the characteristics you are looking for you will find in me. My life is completely bound to technology and is time to apply my knowledge to this field.

I can be contacted at (+506) 84845916, I look forward to hearing for you.



Anthony Calderón Vega.

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