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John's dreams

Most of the students have dreams that they would like to achieve after the university, some students are part of different activities since the High School. This opportunity will help them to develop their abilities. The ULACIT offer this opportunities for the students like: clubs, Student Government, plans of GEO, AISEC, and many others. Also the student will be able to think in making his/her own business as an entrepreneur. Previously, the student could continue develop their abilities in the university. We are going to talk about a student named John who lived this experience and all the opportunities that he had after university. He was able to realize their dreams.
After John finished his university, he has many dreams; from that point on he realized that his dreams weren’t too common. He will like to help starving people in Africa, because he thinks previously he achieves his most important goals it is better to have experiences in social work. After that experience he will have to get used to working with other ways of thinking and he will live other realities. At that time John had set as his big goal to work at the United Nations. He will also like some stability as having a family with many sons and also have many friends. 

When John finished his career, he had to do a cover letter and a resume. This could be the most important part in his possibilities to go to a volunteer in Africa. The volunteer job could be an opportunity to work in United Nations. Previously, he have received good news in that week, he may go to Africa the following week. When he completed the volunteer in Africa he will travel to the principal office of United Nations in USA to do a professional practice. At that time, John was prepared for that many months ago, because during his time in the university he had to do a volunteer work in a hospital at the central city of his country. John wanted to do all those things just for the future of his family.

For the most of the people during the university feels is a difficult and expensive process. Some of us got to move from your originality cities, leaving our family, friends everything. After that, John needs to start a totality new life. It is really hard and John knows that, but he doesn’t care how difficult it was, he always has a smile in his face because he know it is the best to him. In 2014, John will finish the university and he will be a professional good pay worker. John is an example to us.

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